Thursday, 27 December 2012

Template for HRGS

I decided to upload the template with most of the sounds I use included.

You have to get the others with an FSB Extractor, which you can find Here.

Why? Because I'm too lazy to find all of the sounds that I haven't added to an archive. :P

Well, here's the download with the scripts included.

 Download template for HRGS 1.21

Don't even bother about it if you have no experience with FMOD. I will not put up any instructions about it as there's so much to explain.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Historical Realism Mod Gun Sounds v1.21

New stuff.

-0.8.2 compatibility

-EXTREME MAKEOVER OF THE SOUNDS! They have more bass and sound, and can be heard at a longer distance!

-Added 100mm sound for top tier soviet guns.

-Added 122mm sound for top tier soviet guns.

-Added autoloading sound for the mentioned soviet guns.

-Added 130mm sound.

-NEW SUPEREPICNOVABBQ tracer for high caliber artillery guns.

-New explosion sounds.

-New hit sounds for large caliber guns.

-Adjusted so that original hit sounds is intergrated with my hit sounds.

-A handy feature: Most premium ammo will use original sounds. This may help you out of many premium round situations.

-Added 105mm L7 autoloader sound for the T54E1's top gun.

-No need for the hotfix anymore to get the tracers. Sorry Crabtr :( Hope you loved your fame as long as it lasted!

-I have no idea if there's more.

-Oh, sure it is! New 155mm Anti-tank sound for sniper mode! :D

-And added 85mm sound

-That should be it. Now let me listen to some Manneheim Steamroller Christmas music while I drink mulled wine! >:C

In v1.21

-Forgot to add the scripts for the 85mm in v1.2. They are now added.

-New 88mm L71 sound and reloading sound from MW212.

-Added 20pdr sound which uses the old L71 sound

Download V1.21

*please note that the location mentioned in the readme on where to extract my sounds is wrong. It should be just res_mods instead of 0.8.2

Good luck translating this with a straight face, Russian friends! :P

Also, I recommend enabling Bass Boost and Loudness Equalization for the best experience!

To do this go to(Windows 7) Control Panel>Sound>right click *your sound device*>Properties>Enhancements and tick the boxes for Bass Boost and Loudness Eqalization.