Misc. Mods

Base mod 0.7.5
This mod is required if you want the name of your tanks to change when you install our mods

Weapon sound mod
GnomeFather is working on a more comprehensive weapon sound mod with unique gun sounds for most weapons, coming soon


  1. that sound mod is cool but it looses all other sounds that tanks got like crew engine etc. but got to say love the actual way the arty shoots. i'v shot and seen the targets the artys shoot ( from arty patallion) and it reminds me the old days in the army :D so thats kwl :D

  2. Hi.

    I have to concur that all other sounds have vanished. These are indeed cool, but without the rest it kinda ruins the game. Have I (we) done something wrong with our install?

  3. Cancel my last, it's sorted. I renamed the audio folder to back it up instead of making a renamed copy. Or, keep the original audio folder, just add the new sounds.