Friday, 8 November 2013

Environment mod - Imperial Guard Valkyrie

 Model swap: Elmis66

This mod changes the BF109 that flies over the map Airport to Imperial Guard Valkyrie. This is work in progress, as only the model change has beed done so far, but since you don't look at that plane very often, I think it can be used without the skin done.


This mod is WIP and will be finished in the future.


  1. Dear Gnomefather, when you update its wonderful sound modes under 0.9.2?

    Can not hear the standard sound design! Ears wilt! WG can not or do not want to work with sound in the game! Do not offer you their services WG?

    For the third patch only play with your modifications! Without your sound design of the game is not the same! Drug ...

  2. Disappointing that this project died, especially since it died producing the exact opposite of its direction of creating historically accurate models.

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