Wednesday, 23 January 2013

PzKpfw T34 88(r)

 !Post updated!
 The T-34/85 with 8.8 cm KwK 36 L/56 gun, stowage box on the back of the turret, additional rear fuel tanks and skirts.
This mod is a total conversion of VK3001(P) including in-game icons, models.
Skins made by CrimsonMobster (creating skirts textures), Blue_Beta (texturing whole tank to gray/olive)

Update: Changed file paths for 0.8.3

If you get any issues with this mod, please mention it in comments so I can fix it.

Alternate textures (those are only .dds files)

German gray with #88 and german cross on the turret

Dark olive paint, #11 and german cross on the turret, tanks and Hi Kommet on the barrel of 88 gun.

If you get any issues with this mod, please mention it in comments so I can fix it.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Historical Realism Gun Sound Mod V1.33

 New in v1.33

-Reverted the tracers of large calibre guns back to the old ones.

-Added the exterior firing sound for the 105mm L7 for the interior to give the impression that it actually is a gun firing off.

Download HRMOD Gun Sounds v1.33 (

Download without

 New in v1.32t*:

-Yet another atempted fix of the Canon de 155 mm de 33 calibres' issue where the shells wouldn't load after battle.

-Fix for some of the Soviet self propelled gun's weight were incorrect and caused conflicts with mounted modules.

*t meaning test, and that it's just a regular release if the listed issues above is fixed.

 Download HRMOD Gun Sounds v1.32t (

 Download without

 New stuff in v1.31:

-Fixed the missing 20pdr sound.

-Fixed the issue with the Canon de 155 mm de 33 calibres shells inability to load after a battle.

-Changed the range of the debris hitting the ground after an explosion.

-Hopefully fixed an issue with the SU-26's 122mm Howitzer mod. 1930's range.

Download HRMOD Gun Sounds v1.31

New stuff: (1.3)

-0.8.3 compatibility.

-Sound of debris from dirt, sand and snow from explosions.

-Added sound for the high tier Chinese 122mm guns.

-Added sound for short 75/76mm guns.

-New sound for the 170mm PaK46.

-New sound for the 120 mm Gun T53A1.

-Re-added the sound of the Breda

-Added russian text to the readme.

That's it. Not much new in this version.

Download HRMOD Gun Sounds V1.3