Monday, 18 March 2013

Historical Realism Gun Sound Mod 1.57

Changelog 1.57/Изменений за/для 1.57

-A new compression system. It's the only special feature of this update, other than some volume tweaks of guns and such. This new compression system compresses the largest files and streams smaller ones from my database. This will make downloads exeptionally smaller and improves performance.

I edited this with my phone, so no link right now.

Download v1.57

(please note that I managed to name the file V2 by accident, and that I'm not willing to change that, as it's a rather small issue and won't affect anyone)

Changelog 1.56/Изменений за/для 1.56
-Most of the guns, that previously missed sounds, now got their sounds.

Download Historical Realism Gun Sound Mod v1.56

Download without

Changelog 1.55/Изменений за/для 1.55(don't know which to use in this case)
-Finally figured out how to edit vehicle .xmls. Now I can add more sounds for specific vehicles!
-Added sound for the gun of the SU-100Y.
-Fixed the path for the 150mm L38 for the E-100.
-Added 3.7 Inch AA gun for the Churchill Gun Carrier.
-Added sound for the 32pdr.
-Added sound for short 6 pounders.
-Gave the 105mm L52 guns the same sound they have with the original sounds.
-Rearranged and reworked the order of the "events" in gun_effects.xml. I won't affect the game. It just made it easier for me to track down each event.
-Changed some of the low-caliber tracer sounds.
-New sound, both close and distant, when you get penetrated by a large caliber AP round.

Download Historical Realism Gun Sound Mod v1.55

Download without

-Added sound for the Soviet 76mm guns.
-Added sound for the autoloading 76 mm 54-76TG.
-Added sound for 17pdr guns.
-Reworked the sound of the 20pdr.
-Added some of the WG sound to 105mm L52-L68 guns.
-Tweaked range of some guns.
Tweaked sound of high tier 122mm and 130mm guns.
-Changed sound of 45mm guns.
-Changed distant sounds of most high caliber guns.
-"New" sound for the 150mm L38 for the E-100 (it's just that I added the sound to the project).
-New sound for some of the American 155mm guns and the BL-10/M64.
-Re-added the "frieght-train" tracer sound as some call it due to popular demand from ex-marines and soldiers.
-Tweaked the 75-76mm artillery guns.
-Не знаю...

I recommend if you have any 7.1 headset/speaker setup to enable alot of bass.

I did this on my 7.1 Corasir Vengaence 1500 and noticed a MASSIVE improvement over the default settings! The battle has never sounded so good in my opinion!

This song is only for the victorious.
Победоносная песня для наших бравых бояк!

Good luck on the battlefield!
Удачи в боях!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Historical Realism General User Interface (GUI) sounds v0.12

Many thanks toBullitt Bill for the video!

I decided to just add some additional voices to my rather old gui sounds for the now dead Forgotten Hope 2 sound mod.

The changes are:

-New reloading sound.

-Added dispersion sound.

-Some other stuff I can't recall.

-User defined voices if your base is getting capped.

It currently features these voices from different nations that the user can select:

Modern American
United Kingdom

Download Historical Realism GUI sounds v0.12

Download without

These voices comes from Battlefield 1942 and Forgotten Hope 0.7+Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons 4.0

There are a few more nations like Netherland and Chinese, but they are have no radio noise and sounds quite unproffersional compared to the others.

Plans for the future:

-Intergrate this mod with HR Gun Sounds

-Add voices for reloading depending on nation you have selected

-Add crew voices from each nation(voice actors with editing skills required!)

-Other nation voices(Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Greece, NORWAY!!!!!)

 -Added arabian voice for the lulz
-Added modern american voice 
-Fixed the German gui. 
-Added the forgotten 'murican sounds. 

-Initial release

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Historical Realism Gun Sound Mod v1.41

-Fixed the rather embarassing issue with the tracers: I forgot to add an "s" to each instance in the "shot_effects.xml".

Download HRMOD Gun Sounds v1.41

Download without adfly

New stuff/Изменений
-Compatibility with 0.8.4
-Added sound for the 30mm MK301 7.92mm Mauser EW-141.
-New sound for 105mm L52 for non tier X tanks.
-Added some additional sounds for the L7. 
-Added old exterior sound for the 105mm L52 for the 50mm as I found it, in a dream, to sound very good! o.O

Download HRMOD Gun Sound v1.4

Download without 

И песня для вас, русских. )))