Monday, 18 March 2013

Historical Realism Gun Sound Mod 1.57

Changelog 1.57/Изменений за/для 1.57

-A new compression system. It's the only special feature of this update, other than some volume tweaks of guns and such. This new compression system compresses the largest files and streams smaller ones from my database. This will make downloads exeptionally smaller and improves performance.

I edited this with my phone, so no link right now.

Download v1.57

(please note that I managed to name the file V2 by accident, and that I'm not willing to change that, as it's a rather small issue and won't affect anyone)

Changelog 1.56/Изменений за/для 1.56
-Most of the guns, that previously missed sounds, now got their sounds.

Download Historical Realism Gun Sound Mod v1.56

Download without

Changelog 1.55/Изменений за/для 1.55(don't know which to use in this case)
-Finally figured out how to edit vehicle .xmls. Now I can add more sounds for specific vehicles!
-Added sound for the gun of the SU-100Y.
-Fixed the path for the 150mm L38 for the E-100.
-Added 3.7 Inch AA gun for the Churchill Gun Carrier.
-Added sound for the 32pdr.
-Added sound for short 6 pounders.
-Gave the 105mm L52 guns the same sound they have with the original sounds.
-Rearranged and reworked the order of the "events" in gun_effects.xml. I won't affect the game. It just made it easier for me to track down each event.
-Changed some of the low-caliber tracer sounds.
-New sound, both close and distant, when you get penetrated by a large caliber AP round.

Download Historical Realism Gun Sound Mod v1.55

Download without

-Added sound for the Soviet 76mm guns.
-Added sound for the autoloading 76 mm 54-76TG.
-Added sound for 17pdr guns.
-Reworked the sound of the 20pdr.
-Added some of the WG sound to 105mm L52-L68 guns.
-Tweaked range of some guns.
Tweaked sound of high tier 122mm and 130mm guns.
-Changed sound of 45mm guns.
-Changed distant sounds of most high caliber guns.
-"New" sound for the 150mm L38 for the E-100 (it's just that I added the sound to the project).
-New sound for some of the American 155mm guns and the BL-10/M64.
-Re-added the "frieght-train" tracer sound as some call it due to popular demand from ex-marines and soldiers.
-Tweaked the 75-76mm artillery guns.
-Не знаю...

I recommend if you have any 7.1 headset/speaker setup to enable alot of bass.

I did this on my 7.1 Corasir Vengaence 1500 and noticed a MASSIVE improvement over the default settings! The battle has never sounded so good in my opinion!

This song is only for the victorious.
Победоносная песня для наших бравых бояк!

Good luck on the battlefield!
Удачи в боях!


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  2. Спасибо за отличный звуковой мод. Всегда слежу за изменениями и пытаюсь остальным игрокам вовремя доносить о них информацию :)

    Желаю по-больше хорошего настроения, остальное вторично.

  3. Google translate,i love you :D
    "Удачи на боя!" -> "Удачи в боях!" or "Удачи на полях сражений"

    1. Знаю. However, I only translated Боя, as I didn't know how to conjugate бой in this sentence.

      It's edited.

    2. I also can't distinguish the difference between "В" and "На" yet. So I just used "На".

    3. Can you help me translate "This song is only for the victorious."?

      I know it's Это "Эта песня(I don't know which conjugation is right) для/За победо-something"

    4. If you translate word by word - it's been like "Эта песня только для победителей(победоносных)!".
      But i think it's so pathetic mention, and been better for russian translation something like "Победоносная песня для наших бравых вояк!", and also use it in english too )
      Because "only for the victorious" - hah, i can't listen track! ))

      Thank's for mod, mr. Ferdinand, one of best work what i see in sound modding for many games.

    5. Also, about "В" and "На".
      "В" - it's "in" article, like - put my cake in to oven(поставь мой пирог в печь) - place someting inside(like cake in oven, water in bottle)
      And "На" - it's like "on" article - put my cake on to oven(поставь мой пирог на печь) - place someting on top(or other side) - vegetables on plate, wine on desk.

      I hope you understood me )

    6. Yes,you're absolutely right.

      Get to know Russian language together :)

    7. And somthing else:
      "Изменений за" "Изменений" -> "Изменения ЗА..." "ИзменениЯ",not "й" if you use it in the present tense.

  4. Greetings ~

    This is EXCELLENT!

    I always use this mod and (always) update it when necessary and to its newest versions!


  5. Awesome mod as always. when I first started using your mod, my 105 L52 (E-50M)sounded more beefier, now is almost stock. Could you please make more powerful sounding again?


    1. Wait, what?!

      I added alot of sounds to it to make it sound better, and you are telling me it sounds almost stock!?!


    2. Yeah, basically... at least it had(HRGS 1.21) a characteristic mechanical sound, now is a bit "generic" (my opinion of course). I respect your work, but still wanted to give my view.

      Given the fact that the 105mm Auf K fires a very high velocity round, it could have a more "schreech" sound like the merkava perhaps

      If you could look into it, I would appreciate.
      As always, thank you for the depth your mod adds to the game ;)

    3. I could use that video, but....


      Now, that sound is kind of low-bit.

      Do you know a game that is not recently made by an AAA developer and published by someone like EA?

    4. The video was more of an example not a source.

      What kind of game? EA kind likes AAA developers for most their games.

      But I guess "Create" would be a nice example ;)

    5. found this:

      maybe better quality ;)

    6. Mother of God.

      I will use that.

      But it needs some amplifying, and some bass.

    7. Also, I can't seem to find this game you mentioned. Can you give me a link?


      it's from 2010.

      The second video I posted has the engine sound in the back, but I guess that with some base it would sound awesome :)

  6. Is-7 still sounds like a muffled raccoon.

  7. Nice job. I'll have to work a bit on the vehicle .xmls though, as I am already using those for individual decals and a PzIV Schmalturm remodelling.

  8. no SU-100Y gun sound?? did i do something wrong?

    1. I think so, if you installed 1.5.

      There are no indications from the .xmls that the SU-100Y's sound is gone in the latest 1.55.

    2. when i use 1.5 there's a gun sound and then i replace to 1.55 and the sound gone, i cant heard anything :/

  9. При разрыве фугасов на наушниках Logitech G35 жуткое дребезжание, Варгейминг исправил эту проблему с малокалиберными пушками, что у вас?

    1. У меня не есть своего проекта.

      That's why this issue is in my mod. Поверите 7.1.

    2. Because the sound is distorted in your mod, well check 7.1

    3. when the stereo is also

  10. The sound of 120mm Gun M58 (M103, T105E5) is too quiet and too soft as if someone blows through a paper tube.

  11. 122 mm 37-122jt gun in T-34-2 don't have sound

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  13. After i install GS mod 1.55 there is no sound when m tanks get hit, (122 mm from IS-3 Precisely) will 1.56 Version can fixed that?

  14. It's very good sound mod, but still bugged with a lot of 7.1 headsets, for example razer megalodon. It's still buzzing and have a lot of corrupted distortion sound.


  16. This mod cause wot client to crash, right in the moment of shot. This is happened very rare, once per 10-30 matches, but it happened.

  17. April fools lel

  18. 1.57-bwest sound maud evaa

  19. OH YOU!

    Gnomefather you got me real good! Best april fool on WoT so far :))

  20. I got trolled by this mod while shooting with my Pz I Ausf. C :O

    Nice April fool

  21. nice mods, also you might want to check out its mobile tank game here at