Monday, 30 July 2012

VK4502(P) track texture change

Changes the track texture on VK4502(P) Ausf A and B from Panther to Ferdinand texture


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Panzer IV Schmallturm>Vorpanzer mod

Mod that replaces the ridiculous schmallturm with a standard turret with "Vorpanzer" turret add-on armor

Marder III Ausf. M (being reworked)


Currently working on an improved and more accurate cabin:

Contains name change that requires base mod to activate!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Skirted T-34/76

Added Foxdie's skirts to my T-34/76 mods.
Since 7.5 - removed changes in second turret, since guns were wrong
 T-34/76 fuel boxes version

T-34/76 fuel tanks version


T-62 with 115mm 2A20 gun

M3/M5/M8 field mods

I was considering where to put log armor and where sandbag. And I've come to conclusion that best will be doing something like visible below to the M3

And log armor for M5/M8

Plus of course crew to open top turret.

M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo /field mod

Author: Serpenta

Changelog: added frontal sandbag armor, removed mudflaps, both turrets provided with MG's, addes some bags on top for unbuttoned crew protection, second one provided with cage and sandbag armor. Decals on screens are from M36B1, in package this tank is depicted as no. 30661923, from 66th armored regiment of 2nd armor division, company C, column order 25. Two types of chassis to choose from, with standard and widened tracks.

Download - vanilla chassis variant

Download - m4a1 chassis variant


Vanilla chassis

M4A1 chassis

Afrika Korps Tiger w/feifel filters

Now with correct historical early mantlet and roadwheels and new skin by Crimson mobster!

And a grey version by Kyphe:

Monday, 23 July 2012


Mod that changes T-34/85 into T-34/88, since some of you wanted me to do it. The 8.8cm gun is used for second 85mm (closest penetration and soon it will be the best gun on T-34/85).


Requires our Base Mod.
Additional skins can be found in original mod post.

M36B1 Slugger

Autor: Serpenta, Elmis (icons)

Changelog: model swap: my turret from Slugger (crewed) on Jumbo hull w/field armor; I've cut hole inside hull and made some interior; added basket to turret - so it's not void when you look inside.

Included crash model - though it still needs some work. This package changes name, and icons (carousel, tech tree, contour).

To install select package and extract it to your wot root directory.

Uninstall notes: be sure to delete res_mods/scripts/item_defs/vehicles/usa/t25_2.xml or m36_slagger.xml respectively AND list.xml (doesn't apply anymore, as it's now compatible with HR base mod - more info in misc.mods tab), as well as icons (usa-t25_2.png or usa-m36_slagger.png) from res_mods/gui/maps/icons/vehicle and from the folders under it.

DOWNLOAD - converts slugger to m36b1, guns are not changed

DOWNLOAD - converts T25-2 to m36b1, short 90mm is 90mm from slugger w/o muzzle break, long 90mm is 90mm from slugger w/ muzzle breaker


Base mod

This mod is an optional mod that enables the name-change included in our conversion mods

Install before our remodels!

Load this base mod then load our models, simple as that ;)
Don't worry it doesn't change your game language

This is our own way of renaming tanks, it only affects files that aren't used by any other mods (afaik), namely they include modified nation vehicle list.xml files and a bunch of our own text .mo files. What this means is that this mod doesn't conflict with anyone else's, it doesn't change your game language since it doesn't mod your language translation files, plus it lets us rename vehicles without conflicting with each other's mods


Captured PzKpfw III with 76mm F-34 gun. This mod totaly changes SU-85B into SU-76I, all guns are ok, icons are from SU-85I, names changed.

76mm F-34 gun

57mm ZiS-5 gun
 Both 85mm guns share the model of SU-85I's gun.

Requires our Base Mod.

Hotchkiss Wurfrahmen by Foxdie


Includes new text mod coming soon. (does not overwrite anything)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Type 59D by Foxdie

Model by Foxdie
Textures by Kyphe

v2.5 updates:
  • Crash textures fixed
  • Added Kyphe camo crash textures (can also be replace with [original]
  • Re-aligned gun in crash file
  • Small optimisations
v2.4.1 updates:

  • Combined Kyphe's camo pack as standard, but original is included and can be swapped by going to res_mods/vehicles/china/Ch01_Type59 and replacing with [original] (remove [orignal])
  • additional optimisations
  • crash model should no longer crash game
  • files and structure now updated to 0.7.4
I've removed the text files as the mod is multi-language and it's unfair to force English descriptons.

Tiger Panzerfuhrer

Replaces Tiger's upgraded turret into an early tiger turret with commander at cupola
Compatible with all other tiger mods (only turret changes)


Crewed Hellcat

This is a derivative work of Torsys' Hellcat, Torsys's work can be found here

(also replaces upgrade turret with Hellcat stock turret)

Download and install this over the above mod,
if you prefer the Slugger turret over Hellcat for upgraded turret

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf.D

PzIV D replacement for ingame PzIV (alternatively III/IV)

Sturmgeshütz IV

StuG IV replacement for Jagdpanzer IV

17pdr SP M10 'Achilles'

17pdr texturework by CuP1D, newest member of our group :)

Changes 76mm cannons to 17pdrs
Since I've only modded the gun, this mod is compatible with Serpenta's sandbagged Wolverine models

Contains name change that requires base mod to activate!

Tiger II Panzerfuhrer

Opened cupola and added a commander