Monday, 23 July 2012

M36B1 Slugger

Autor: Serpenta, Elmis (icons)

Changelog: model swap: my turret from Slugger (crewed) on Jumbo hull w/field armor; I've cut hole inside hull and made some interior; added basket to turret - so it's not void when you look inside.

Included crash model - though it still needs some work. This package changes name, and icons (carousel, tech tree, contour).

To install select package and extract it to your wot root directory.

Uninstall notes: be sure to delete res_mods/scripts/item_defs/vehicles/usa/t25_2.xml or m36_slagger.xml respectively AND list.xml (doesn't apply anymore, as it's now compatible with HR base mod - more info in misc.mods tab), as well as icons (usa-t25_2.png or usa-m36_slagger.png) from res_mods/gui/maps/icons/vehicle and from the folders under it.

DOWNLOAD - converts slugger to m36b1, guns are not changed

DOWNLOAD - converts T25-2 to m36b1, short 90mm is 90mm from slugger w/o muzzle break, long 90mm is 90mm from slugger w/ muzzle breaker



  1. im having a problem with this because the crew is pure black from head to toe i run the game on medium

    1. You've solved that problem yourself. You need to play on high to have crew textures.

    2. my machine cant take it at high but thanks anyway

    3. Hum... go to / and change "lod0" in "normal" and "crash" folders to "lod1" - it will be still high res, but should be loaded as medium. You can also try to resize texture to 1024x1024.

      If that doesn't work I am helpless right now :( We are working on it, but we don't know how WG setup their textures, so preparing them to run on every detail level makes strange stuff happening on some computers.

  2. decals are overlapping with the original decals, e.g. star/us army insigna

  3. nice mods, also you might want to check out its mobile tank game here at