Sunday, 22 July 2012

Crewed Hellcat

This is a derivative work of Torsys' Hellcat, Torsys's work can be found here

(also replaces upgrade turret with Hellcat stock turret)

Download and install this over the above mod,
if you prefer the Slugger turret over Hellcat for upgraded turret


  1. Hey, I like this mod very much but it's slightly different from the picture. I actually like the pic better! The mod itself has a lot more foliage on it then the one in the picture and it obsucre quite a bit of the tank.

    Any chance of getting the mod in the picture? Thank you for all your hard work!

    1. Do you have a screenshot? I don't remember doing a different version of this model

    2. Hi Mule, again thanks for the hard work. I don't have a screenshot available atm, I uninstalled the mod a few days ago. I did a fresh install of WOT last night. I seemed to be crashing more lately and I was trying to figure out what would help. Seems to be related to 7.4 I find out

  2. Is this normal, when it is installed, the second turret is crewed, and the second turret look like the first ?

  3. Hi, can you fix the 'destroyed' turret model of this M18 hellcat (90mm stock turret version)?
    it seems that when the tank is destroyed, there's a foilage on it,

    Overall, this is my most favorite Mod of all. n_n

  4. nice mods, also you might want to check out its mobile tank game here at