Sunday, 1 July 2012

Jagdpanzer V JagdPanther Ausf. G

Author: Serpenta

Changelog: Cleaning set tube moved to the rear, changed exhaust system to ausf. G versions, added skirts and additional storage box on rear plate of crew compartment. Crash models have been completed. Model comes in 8 versions, all in one file, to choose from: full skirts set with tube and pipe exhausts each with and w/o additional store and 4 such versions with wethered/missing skirts. To install, extract archive to res_mods/<game version>/vehicles/german than browse to "g18_jagdpanther" folder, choose version from available and copy content from it's folder to "g18_jagdpanther".

Thanks to CrimsonMobster who reskinned Shürzen and skinned the additional storage box from scratch.

Pics (more screens in gallery):


  1. This re-model is leet, but when I want to buy cammo, the side guards look really really bad.
    ¿Is there any way to remove them? Thanks.

  2. How to make only have the exhaust?
    I only want the exhaust without any other add-on like skirt or storage box

    1. Not to forget, I'm fine with cleaning set tube moved to the rear.
      So can I have the cleaning set tube moved and changed exhaust version?