Monday, 2 July 2012

Pz. Kpfw. V Panther II /real deal

Author: Serpenta

Changelog: Moved cleaning set tube to the rear, changed exhaust to late model Panther, added antenna to hull and Schmalturm. Model swap for first turret and it's guns to standard Panther F turret. Two variants of hull were made: one with full skirt (suspended on hooks) set and spare track link set; second with wethered incomplete skirts and some of track links used. Two variants of each turret, one with full set of spare track links and one with incomplete. Added crash models for hull.

To install, preinstall "g64_Panther_II" folder to you res_mods/<game ver>/vehicles/german, than choose one variant of each part and copy it to "g64_Panther_II" folder.


Pics (more screens in gallery):


  1. Guys. On both versions of hull the new exhaust shape is displayed, but its colour is bright red. Could You take a look plz? Great job otherwise.

    1. Have you installed the camo skin from the /g64_panther_ii/ folder in the zip-file?
      It fixed it for me.
      Might just be a temporary fix (if you want the Panzergrau) but it works for me.

  2. Ok, I will check it. Thanks for the info.

  3. Coming back after awhile, but another bug found. After destruction in battle roadwheels disappear from the model (both versions, battle-worn and intact). Plus, is it possible to remove the shadow left from the timber log on left side of the hull?

  4. I download link is broke!
    Plz fix this

  5. I download link is broke!
    Plz fix this

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