Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Imperial Guard Medium Mk. I

Model: Elmis66
Skin: CrimsonMobster

Cadian Imperial Guard medium tank, camoed and remodelled


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Historical Realism Gun Sound mod 1.73

New stuff for HRGS 1.73
-Fixed reported missing gun sounds.
-Fixed the snipermode issue with the Valentine AT

Download without adf.ly

New stuff in HRGS 1.72
-Works (only) for 0.8.6
-Amplified the 120mm M58/L1A1 and 100mm D-54 guns.
-Corrected reload sound of 105-128mm guns.
-Added sound for M-62 gun.
-Added 7.1 Surround support.
-Corrected some sounds.
-Most guns should have sound now!

Download Historical Realism Gun Sound mod v1.72

Download without adf.ly 

NOTE! DELETE "ch07_vickers_mke_type_bt26" IN World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.8.5\scripts\item_defs\vehicles\china TO MAKE THE MOD WORK WITHOUT CRASHED!

Added hotfix that should work to both versions(post fix hf)

New stuff in 1.71(hf)

-I've added another download option for a version with a similar memory management that 1.6 had. The downside is that it may lag like 1.6 and previous version did, but atleast it will work on older machines that can't handle the new memory management. This version is called 1.71om(old memory). As I have to deal with 2 versions of the gun sounds every update, there might be something I forget to add something to one of them that the other one have, but I will try my best to remember!
-New reload sounds for all guns. (not really new, just shortned the old reload sound to most of the guns so it fits the RoF of the guns.
-New reload sound for some 100mm guns.
-New reload sound for 105mm L52 guns.
-New reload sound for BL-10 and M-64.
-Fixed the broken smoke effect of the 107mm guns.
-Added distant sound to the 100mm D-54 guns.

Download HRGS 1.71hf

Download HRGS 1.71omhf

Download 1.71hf without adf.ly

Download 1.71omhf without adf.ly

First a small reminder. I see alot of you claiming that these sounds are Historically realistic, but they are not. They are improved and better, but just hypothetical, and not realistic to their real world counterparts.

The trademark Historical Realism is just there because the gun sounds is from the team Historical Realism which was just a bunch of people who created realistic remodels or improved ones from the game.

Now onto the new stuff!

I will call this one: The Soviet update!

Here's the 1944 version which is more authentic

-5.1 surround added! Thanks to Kriegstreiber for his help!
-New memory management! The game should run much better now than ever!
-Added new sound for the 90mm M3(and similar guns) and the 100mm D10 guns. They use the sound from the M48 Patton and the T-54 from Bad Company 2 Vietnam. Thanks to Matt Bath for recording these sounds!
-Added new sounds for the 100mm D-54 guns. It uses the sound of the T-90A's 2A46 125 mm gun in Battlefield 3.
-120mm M58 and L1A1 got a similar treatment. They got the sound of the M1A2 Abrams' 120mm L44 M256 gun in Battlefield 3
-Changed sound path to most of the Russian and Chinese 100mm guns.
-Added a "Clong" sound to the long barreled 45mm VT-42/43 and the 107mm ZiS-24, because they are longer than the other guns of same caliber.
-New reload sound for screw breech 122mm D-25(the slow reloading one)
-Changed the delay for the reload of some long-time-to-reload-tank guns to better fit the tank destroyer's counterpart.
-Fixed some missing gun sounds.

Download Historical Realism Gun Sound mod 1.7

Download without adf.ly

Tuesday, 21 May 2013