Saturday, 30 June 2012

M10 Wolverine /field mod

Author: Serpenta

Changelog: Added sandbag armor, two logs for crosscountrying and supporting beam on front, set running wheels on side, corrected position of MGs and rotated them so they don't gets into crews way, added 3 rolled tarps to turret side, added historically correct (source) early version of counterweight to stock turret. Added crew, 5 of them (if you rotate turret to 4 o'clock you can see drivers :)  ) Font used for decals is Boston Stencil by Vic Fieger



  1. hi i downloaded this mod but the crew is black and ingame looks like transparent any idea how i can fix it?

  2. what graphics settings are you using? If textures are set below high than try high and tell me if that helped

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  4. decals are overlapping with the original decals, e.g. star/us army insigna