Thursday, 23 August 2012

Panzer I Ausf . B

Warning, not yet compatible with 8.0

DOWNLOAD_Basic no name no gunfire mods 
. Panzer I Ausf . B Conversion for Ltractor, Includes crash models and all icons plus name change if base mod is installed, This project was started by Mule, credits have been included in the file, I reworked this model to the point it became a new project, hope you enjoy it.

Requires our Base Mod. included in package


  1. reuploaded files, I had named res_mods as res-mods using a dash not an underscore lol

  2. Replies
    1. plz tell me when you get this working, no one has said they have it working yet sigh, two people said they have had problems, so i am a bit paranoid

  3. It doesnt change the tank's name to pz 1 and crashes when i go to battle what am i gonna do??

    1. It only crashes for one of two reasons, the first is when it has not been installed properly

      the second is if you have a conflicting XML mod already installed.

      Installing is easy, you only have to copy the whole folders into the res world of tanks main folder in the right order and click yes to all the pop ups.

      if you added the name base mod after you installed the pz1 mod the base mod will overwrite the name changes to the pz1, so it has to be installed first.

      OK if that is not the problem try opening the res mod 7.5 folder and renaming the script folder to script01 , then re add the pz1 mod as normal, as it has its own script folder which will be added automatically.

      restart the game and as long as it has been installed properly it will work.

      I am not quite sure which mods cause a conflict, we do know that the new sound mod does not work with the gunfire mod on this tank.

      there is basic version here with no name or gunfire mods which has less conflict issues

      once it works you can re add your other xml mods till it does not work anymore, which will tell you what is causing the problem. and you can decide which mod you would rather have.

      once I have cracked the chassis animation I will not have to use an XML mod with this tank, and there will be no more problems.

  4. new update broke this as well, freezes while loading

    1. Boris I got It working, this link is a patch xml file which you swap for the one in res_mods\0.8.0\scripts\item_defs\vehicles\germany

      you should not use the guns script for the twin fire or the emblems script to remove the cross as they are not fixed yet.

      but the tank is playable which is a relief

    2. erm..I have no way to edit the xml files, all this links me too is this

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  5. oh god, sorry foe the delay, I'll check it out!

  6. nice mods, also you might want to check out its mobile tank game here at