Saturday, 5 October 2013

Chaos KV-1

Model: Elmis66
Skin: CrimsonMobster

Black Legion's heavy tank, camo and model



  1. Isn't this website for mods that are 'historically accurate'.
    I don't see how this remodel is in that category.

  2. Well, this blog is made to share the works of our team and since there's nobody left working on historical models this is the only thing our team is working on right now. There's no point in making another blog just for Warhammer models as they're still parts of our team's effort.
    The historical models are still there so no worries, we're just not making anything new in that category. After all there's only one modeller (me) and one skinner (CrimsonMobster) still active and we're working on Warhammer project.

  3. These models are great. I am already using Warhammer 40k voice packs (they are more motivational then default) and I can finally have matching tanks :-D Thanks for your great work.

  4. nice mods and skins, also might want to check android tank game either way i will check all your mods cheers